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About us

SIA ARHITEKT is an architects’ bureau with more than 12 years of experience. Our architectural design firm specializes in the development of family house projects.

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Our experience in this field is more than 12 years, during those yearswe have coordinated thousands of projects in Riga and throughout Latvia. SIA Arhitekt projects are approved by instances and building management with 100% guarantee.

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Architects’ bureau SIA Arhitekt collaborates with such well-known manufacturers of aerocrete blocks as BAUROC and YTONG, as well as with leading builders of wooden frame houses.

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SIA Arhitekt has received the certificate of financial stability “Strongest in Latvia”.
This confirms that our architectural firm has good credit history and management.

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Our architectural firm is registered in the register of construction traders. Our construction specialists are certified and their professional civil liability is insured in each facility.

SIA Arhitekt, Par mums, Sertificēts arhitekts

Certified Architect

The leading architect of our team has gained great experience being a member of the Latvian Architects Union. Architect is a winner of several architectural awards.

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Certified building engineer

The team employs highly qualified and certified civil engineer with more than 13 years of work experience in Latvia, with high sense of responsibility and impeccable reputation.

Arhitektu birojs SIA ARHITEKT

SIA Arhitekt

Our Team

Professional Architects’ bureau

The advice provided by our architectural firm facilitates the daily life of the client, saving time in any decision making related to the implementation of the home project. Architectural office customer service and attitude is ensured at the highest level. Our clients are always provided with reasonable recommendations from architects only in the interests of the client, ensuring optimization of financial resources during the project.

Jānis Kalnietis - SIA Arhitekt

Jānis Kalnietis

Head of the company

Egils Bušs - SIA Arhitekt

Egils Bušs

Chief Architect

Deniss Mišeņins - SIA Arhitekt

Deniss Mišeņins

Chief Construction Engineer

Madara Bante - SIA Arhitekt

Madara Bante

Project Manager


Our everyday work

Responsibility at the highest level

The professional team of office specialists ensures the development of qualitative and complete drawings, and is able to adapt to the wishes of the clients and perfectly execute them.
Architect’s office specialists are able to take into account the client’s desires and interests, allowing the client to engage in the implementation of the project with his ideas.

Order a house project today! Our priority is family house projects!

Monta Brūvere - SIA Arhitekt

Monta Brūvere


Una Ozoliņa - SIA Arhitekt

Una Ozoliņa


Lība Krastiņa - SIA Arhitekt

Lība Krastiņa


Solvita Bernande - SIA Arhitekt

Solvita Bernande