Designing process and terms
for residential house plans

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Send to the e-mail address the following documents for evaluation:
a.) copy of the extract from the Land Register and the boundaries plan,
b.) description of your ideas or a sketch and a photo of the land lot,
c.) information about the desired communication lines and technical conditions (if applicable),
d.) topographic plan of the land lot and geologic mud test (if made).
Upon evaluation of the documents our specialist will forward to you:
a.) the offer with the construction design expenses,
b.) will give advice on the choice of the position of the building at your land lot with due regard to the area planning and its overloading (shelterbelts, etc)
After your approval the Contract on the construction design will be sent to your e-mail address:
a.) After studying of the Contract we will meet to sign it,
b.) During the meeting our specialist will provide answers to all your questions and give advice on the planning of the building and the choice of materials.
At the beginning of the construction design works the first invoice will be sent to you and the following documents will be provided:
a.) geodetic plan of the tie-up of the building to the land lot (if not already made),
b.) geotechnical survey of the land lot for the building foundation design (if not already made),
c.) technical specification of the utility lines tie-up design.
Simultaneously with the development and execution of the above-mentioned documents (2-4 weeks):
a.) the minimum construction project complement (MCP) is completely prepared, whereby
b.) you will receive by e-mail the project drawings for reveiwing:
floor and roof plans, sectional view and facades of the building, and the position of the building on the land lot, which shall be modified when requested.
By the time the topography is ready, MCP shall be finalised and delivered to the building authority for approval:
a.) The building authority shall review the project and issue a building permit with the terms and conditions of construction (5 weeks);
b.) While the building authority is reviewing the construction project, the complete construction project complement (CP) shall be developed, whereby
You will receive by e-mail the final version of the design drawings for reviewing:
Areal part (MP) – (master plan with the positioning of the building and site improvement, plan of dimensioning to construction lines, vertical planning, project for organisation of construction operations and the fencing plan, sectional view and front view);
Architectural part (AR) – (floor plans with the wall types and breakdown of premises, roof plan with the area and the types, sectional views of the building and facades, and the solution of the building painting and finish);
Construction part (CON) – (foundation plans and sectional view, floor-framing plans, roofing plan and sectional view, service parts and constructional units, bill of materials);
c.) Upon receipt of the minimum construction project complement (MCP) approved by the building authority and the building permit with the construction design terms and conditions, the second invoice shall be forwarded to you, as well as the approved project master plan with the stamp of the building authority and the building permit with the construction design terms and conditions.
After the receipt of the construction design terms and conditions the complete construction project (CP) can be finalised (2 weeks):
a.) The above-mentioned MP, AR, CP and Document part (DOC)
(property-related documents, topography, geology, technical specifications, explanatory description, appraisal of the building energy efficiency, certificates of the responsible engineers and civil liability insurance of construction engineers);
b.) Utility systems connection drafts: electricity supply, water supply and sewerage, also gas supply and heat supply, if needed.
After finalising of the complete construction project (CP), the authority approvals must be obtained, the number of which depends on the specific location of the building and the number of contemplated communication lines:
a.) Getting authority approvals takes 4-8 weeks on average due to the fact that with some authorities it may take as long as the entire month to get the approval);
b.) After the construction project has been approved by all relevant authorities, it is delivered to the building authority where it is accepted and in the building permit a note is made on the compliance with the terms and conditions for the beginning of the construction design and construction works (5 weeks).
After the building authority acceptance the last invoice shall be forwarded to you alongside with:
a.) completely approved construction project in 2 copies with the building permit and a stamp CONSTRUCTION WORKS APPROVED!
b.) You will also receive all project documentation in PDF-format by e-mail,
c.) Furtheremore, where necessary, you will receive a finished construction physical quantity servey suitable for implementation of your dream project by our qualified construction workers who will deliver your project within a short time and at a reasonable price.